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Le cabinet Bonnamour est un cabinet d’expertise comptable qui propose un accompagnement pour tous les projets d’entrepreneuriat, de gestion comptable, fiscale, administrative et de digitalisation des entreprises.

Avec un service totalement numérisé, les documents transmis et les données de vos projets sont intégrés dans notre système et les processus comptables et administratifs sont simplifiés. Notre innovation frugale permet de profiter de nos temps d’échange pour parler de votre projet et vous apporter des conseils de développement.

A service adapted to your needs

No matter your project, Bonnamour cabinet will be able to assist you or redirect you to a partner who specializes in your problem. By working with the firm Bonnamour, you benefit from personalized support, innovative tools that optimize our work exchanges, reduce administrative costs, simplify your accounting and inform you in real time on your key indicators

If you want to keep a paper mode of operation, we can also meet your needs

Each mission includes a production part billed according to the volume to be treated. The other part of the mission is fully customizable, it is a volume of hours to accompanying you in your project and we will have defined together. We can meet 2 hours per quarter, 1 hour per month, 1 day per week according to your needs and to answer all your accounting, tax, administrative, social problems.

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